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How the hell do people in maximum security prison get so huge

I realize prisoners in maximum security cells work out all day but I still don’t see how the average inmate can get as big as they seem. I just don’t get where they could be getting the calories necessary to put on that kind of size. I have a couple of theories how they get so big 1) If your in maximum security prison you have a shitload of testosterone to start out with and are probably already big 2) If you aren’t already big you get shanked. I suspect it is genes and sorting that leads to such big prisoners but maybe I’m worng does anyone have a clue?

Even in max security there is a vast underground market, and roids wouldn’t be that difficult to get in.

ditto - they can get roids and extra food and its all they have to live for - just getting bigger meaner and stronger

people in “maximum” security prisons don’t do anything except lie there tied up and eat when fed to. if you’re talking a normal jail cell type imprisonment then my guess is like brider said about the roids, manual labor, lifting, and genetics.