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How the Heck Do I Quote Someone Here?

tried several times and nothing works.


Phone: hold your finger over text until text gets highlighted and “quote” button comes up. Adjust how much you highlighted and hit the button.

Computer: highlight text, hit quote button when it pops up.

It only pops up once you’ve highlighted text.


What Flap said.

Or you can click the Reply icon on the person’s post: Reply

Then click the Quote button in the text box: Quote

And their full post will pop into the text box automatically. 2-step process, same result.

You experiment making test posts in the Forum Feature Practice thread.


can’t you make this like all the other forums lol where you just automatically quote this is so bizarre never seen this before.

Nobody’s going to change the layout of the forum to accommodate you. Quoting takes like 2 seconds, not to mention this lets you include multiple quotes from multiple people in one post. You can go ahead and mosey along to another forum if this doesn’t suit you.

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I’m pretty sure that’s not accurate. Safe bet that most forums, if not all, give the option to either post a standalone reply or reply with a quote, just like this setup.

Automatically quoting everyone’s posts either leads to walls of text (that makes the thread hard to read) or it gives the poster the extra step to cut out the sections of the quote they’re not replying to (which is an extra step… which is what you’re trying to avoid).

Long story short, it’s been working fine this way for quite a while. I have faith that you’ll get the hang of it like literally everyone else on the site has.

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Not that big of an inconvenience to tap a little icon once you get used to it. I wondered the same thing at first so don’t feel like you’re the only one OP.

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