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How The Earth Was Made And How Humans Have Changed It (Documentary)


Amazing. Seems like most of us are aware of what we are doing to earth and it's cycle of life yet we do little to change it.

This documentary was made with no intend of getting any monetary profit out of it.


Great watch, I hope to own a home with solar panels on the roof someday


Me too man.

I'm glad someone took the time to watch the whole thing. Funny how there are so many people on this site and something as important as this only has 1 response, meanwhile all these meaningless threads blow up with hundreds of reply's. I know it's long but the information here could change the outlook on how you treat planet earth. If we as a race don't make a conscious effort to change, there won't be much hope for our existence in the future.


I will watch this tomorrow as soon as I get the time.

How someone can consider themself "not an environmentalist" is beyond me. Fuck those people.


WOW. Very nice put together documentary. It really gets you thinking. I remember the documentary of the "Who killed the electric car" and got me thinking the technology was there yet it was destroyed for the fear fromt he oil companies will loose money etc. I am dissapointed in ourselves for not stepping forward in the right path. I feel like we are but it isn't fast enough. People take a large part of what they have and do for granted.

I have a feeling something will come out with population control. As radical as it may sound tho. We aren't slowing down. I will do whatever in my power to reduce my carbon foot print. I like the fact I feel guilty for throwing things away that can be recycled. I will actually go back to the garbage and pick it out in order to recyle.

Recommend this video to everyone.


It is pretty good. If anyone has any other doc's they like please post. (I try to watch docs on youtube instead of TV)


Careful with the recycling. Some things are great to recycle (plastics mainly) but a lot of other things do much better in landfills. Modern landfills are very environmentally friendly.




Didn't realize the 3rd installment was out.

I'm gonna watch both videos in here tonight!


I don't agree with population control at all. It seems the same as taking an anti-depressant to cover up the illness but never really getting around to fix it.

Citizens of rich/modern countries are the main supporters of the problem without even realizing it. People are brainwashed to the point that facts are right in front of them but they're just blinded by all the propaganda and stupidity/ignorance.

We have so much harmful technology in the hands of the wrong people. If we as humanity don't decide to make radical changes, there's not much hope of anything becoming better. For the last 100 years humans have fucked up earth pretty badly yet there are no signs of slowing down, not many are taking initiative to change what is obviously harming our home.

Most are concerned about how many pounds Christina Aguilar gained last month but they have no idea what their tax dollars are being spent on or where their food is coming from.


Thanks! Definitely watching all of them.


You do realize the electric car doesn't reduce pollution or our dependence on coal/oil right?

All that it means is that coal or oil is burned to create electricity, then it is transmitted somewhere (undergoing power loss), then it is stored in a battery (undergoing more loss) and then used by an electric car motor (where there is even more power loss).

Wind and solar don't work.

For example we currently pay something like .8 cents for a kwh of electricity with coal and oil. A home solar cell generates energy at about 30-70 cents per kwh. It literally costs about 60 times more money to produce energy this way. There is no way our system can be built like that. Imagine paying 10 or 20 or times what your power bill is right now.

The electric car doesn't do any good whatsoever without either a brand new source for electricity or nuclear. period.

To fully reduce our carbon footprint we could just stop breathing.


They say we have 10 year to make a global effort to change the way we live? Forget about that. The world is chaos and the only thing humans do is argue and fight each other.

Better start figuring a way to control population. Sterilization is a good way. I would start by the retarded part of the world.


This is a good point and one that seems to be lost on many people. I always find myself explaining to people that electric cars are not in and of themselves "green" and that, in fact, the case can be made that they are less environmentally friendly since most of American electricity comes from coal and the burning of coal is in many ways dirtier (FAR more particulate matter) than the burning of gasoline.

Hopefully though advancements in technology will soon drive alternative sources into the cost-effective category. My highest hopes are for wind--it has the potential to become our cheapest and easiest source of energy and we have the added benefit of being one of the most blessed countries on Earth when it comes to wind maps. Solar Thermal Tower technology is also exciting though it seems less feasible in the near future.


For real.

My views are that people should stop trying to 'fund' poverty and let things take their course. You're only delaying the inevitable and wasting time and resources. I suspect that any organization actually 'helping' them is making a nice profit from donations they receive anyway. Charities like the Red Cross pride themselves by saying they donate at least 10% of all funding they receive, it's fucking disgraceful.

Name one African country that has come out better and actually developing and progressing as a result of funding. None, because they are run by power hungry cunts that have no ones interests at heart except their own; they steal, lie and kill anyone who opposes them.

The human race as we know it will not last another 100 years - if that - purely because we cannot resolve simple conflicts between each other and dwell on stupid differences such as race and religion. People will gain at the expense of others and it'll eventually spiral out of control.


Wind power is still mindbogglingly expensive and additionally to inconsistent to be a power base.


Hydrogen powered cars would be a real alternative though, no?

This is just another example of companies ripping people off with bullshit, since I assumed (as most people probably will) that electric cars are in fact 'greener'.


Picture of electric car emissions.


No. Hydrogen gas is produced by electrolysis with water. You still currently have to burn coal or oil to fuel a hydrogen car.