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How Tall are People in the 181 Weight Class?


I'm just looking for an average because i'm 5'6 and i didn't know if i should bulk up to 181 or 198


They're usually around average height 5'7-5'10 is the norm I believe


thanks for the reply man




Wade Hooper is about 5'3". Ron Garofalo is about 5'7".


Top 181s are usually short, 5'4"-5'7". You're a good height for the 181/198 classes if you stay somewhat lean. Never be the tallest guy in your weight class.


Bud, be a 181, get successful, and if you have to start cutting hard to stay a 181, bulk to 198.




Tom Martin is 5'10"


Tom Martin was designed in a laboratory to deadlift. He locks out conventional about 4" above his knees. If he went sumo he might not even have to clear his knees! Imagine how much his squat and bench would go up at 220? I can't believe he can bench what he does with those mile-long arms.


I sit at 5'8" - 5'9". Not sure what heights are in general as I haven't been to a ton of meets but I've never felt like the tallest person there by any means.


Does it really matter? Are you on track to break national/world records in a weight class? If not, who cares? Just get as strong as possible and let your weight fall where it may...I don't understand the desire of casual competitors to worry about things like this...


in 6'2 (much too tall I know), but just thought I'd mention thats where i am currently competing


why do you give a shit