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How T-Nation Saved My Knee

About 2 weeks ago I suffered a pretty traumatic knee injury while playing some competitive softball. I slid into homeplate, but since the fields weren’t taken care of very well, my cleat caught an uneven part of the ground. To make a long story short, my lead leg turned into a pole vaulter’s pole, I was flung head over heel, and during the whole thing managed to tear part of my VMO.

Thankfully I work as an athletic trainer and within a couple days I got to see one of the university’s team physicians. What he basically told me was that I was lucky to only have partially torn my VMO. If it wasn’t as strong as it was to stabilize my knee, the force would’ve easily torn ligaments within my knee. I’m still unfortunately not out of the woods, since there is a lot of effusion and swelling remaining and we are concerned about possible meniscus damage, but at least the ligaments are all strong and intact.

So I guess the whole point of this post is to thank T-Nation for all of the great articles and advice being given out. If there is one thing I can relay to people from my experience (other than watch when sliding into home), it is to definitely not avoid leg workouts and barring any medical issues with your knees to definitely perform full squats through the full ROM.


I agree. Strength training comes in really handy when you expose your body to extreme forces.

I got thrown of my motorbike at high speed twice last weekend and I was completely fine except for a sore knee and hip which has recovered quickly.

Others who have gone down like me usually limp for the rest of their lives (bike slid out in a hairpin with my leg under the bike).

Sure, most of it was luck with falling the right way but I believe have strong connective tissue and such played a role in me not being hurt.

Ha! Not to mention I think creatine and fish oil has enabled me to think a little quicker to!

I’m going to hit the gym again soon (decided it was best to rest and heal this past week).

Congrats dude. makes you feel good doesnt it ?

shows you that you aint one of those people that to stupid stuff at the gym.

Hopefully you continue to heal well and train.

this is one of those stories that make me think that the professional sports players in my country still do leg curls instead of squats because they dont have the time to teach people good technique. but they apperently have 3 months to have them sit out because of a torn ligament.

I understand that armstrong didnt do it in his prime but at that time he had the strenght and the damage potentail in the squat are to big to risk when thinking of the benefits. but im ranting sry…

again nice to hear you will be fine champ!