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How Strong of a Stimulant is HOT-ROX?


I don't profess to be a supplement expert but, upon reading HOT-ROX label, I only recognize Yohimbine and Caffeine as stimulants. Are the rest thermogenics rather than stimulants? I ask because I tend to be stimulant sensitive. Caffeine doesn't pose a problem but Ephedra, 1,3 Dim, Raspberry Ketone ect. are problematic.


Also, any personal experiences would be great to hear.


If your stimulant sensitive, your definitely going to feel it. I wouldnt say im sensitive to stimulants as some ppl are, but i do feel the effects, and i must say HOT-ROX is probably the one stimulant that effects me the most.

I guess what im saying is that if your used to another fat burner/stimulant, HOT-ROX is definitely stronger, at least thats my experience with it. I do love the supplement though. if i remember correctly you are to start with 1 pill twice a day, i was able to work up to 2 pills twice a day, and i will say that it is the number 1 fat burner for me! im actually about to order a bottle myself...good luck


Have you tried Alpha T2 or OEP? These both significantly raise my BP. If you've tried them, you're saying HOT-ROX is significantly more powerful? Thanks.


I cant say i have tried them, but i have tried Hydroxycut Hardcore, OxyElite Pro, and Cellucor D4 Extreme, and HOT-ROX definitely hits harder than any of those...i actually hated Hydroxycut, i took that probbaly 3-4 years ago and i will never touch that shit again, my friend bought 2 bottles of it at the time and gave me a bottle for 20 bucks, i was in college and seemed like a good deal, fuck that shit haha i hated it!! HOT-ROX or CellucorD4 are my 2 top fat burners, but like i said, for me, HOT-ROX definitely has more of a kick


If it hits harder than OEP, I'll stay away.


I'm pretty sensitive to stims, yet I can take the max dose of HOT-ROX It's strong, for sure, but doable. It really works. Probably due to the Carbolin 19 in it, it makes me more full and hard feeling. Get it, and if you can't do the max dose then cut it in half or pair it with something else.


I've taken 6 of them at once at took a nap.

I am immune to stims


When you say you're sensitive, what reactions do you have?


You really have to try it to know.

I cant take Sub-Q, for example, as it gives me headaches. HOT-ROX (as long as I take a lot of water with it) is no problems.

A friend of mine is the exact inverse....

Try and see.


Sub-Q from Fusion? Gave me headaches, too..Thanks.


I've taken many stims over the years on while I feel the effects of HOT-ROX, I don't get too jittery of feel bad at all taking it. My .02.