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How strong is your stomach?

Some interesting messages from a Rage against the Machine Forum.

I’m definately raging AGAINST the rage at this point.


The more I saw yesterday, the more pissed off I got. Going out of my house this morning I made a vow to myself that if I heard any one around me utter ANYTHING in support of the terrorist acts of yesterday, they’d wish they were nowhere near me. I only read a few of the posts at this site, and I hope that none of those people show up around me, I’ll probably end up in jail.

THat is what I would call a well-made gun that is poorly aimed. Ture, the US has a torrid history when engaging in world afairs that aren’t our business, Exploiting the nations to our south, wreaking havok upon the enviroment and not to mention our disgusting participation in the slave trade (Go Read Zinn’s Peoples History of the US). It does NOT, however, provide a moral loophole in which it is acceptable to take innocent lives. You don’t win hearts and minds through bloodshed, though it is neccesary in a defensive situation as is our now. The “Let’s kill 'em all” ideology of some members of this forum is quite childish, akin to a baby who does not like it’s food and subsequently spills over the entire tray. DO NOT TAKE LIFE IN VAIN. True, we must administer violent means in this process, and I agree with them. But to kill innocent people because they are NOT us and do not live on OUR land…that is inexcusable. Defend the weak, torture the guilty.


Jesus, Not that f’n strong. WTF, it is humerous how wimpy countries act like wimpy people do. YOu know what I mean. A 100lbs weakling will cast aspersions at a muscle monstrocity but only if he has enough leg room to get away. Fucking cowards. If they are so bad assed then meet in the parking lot after school bet the US is the only one there.

Thats horrible, I will never willingly listen to Rage Against the Machine again.

Because Zack, Brad, Tim and Tom all wrote that, right? Our phrase for the day, kids, is “Mob Mentality”, can you say “Mob Mentality?” I know you can.

The comments of this person disgusted me to no end. Rage products are distributed by Sony Corp. Working with “GrowtH” we looked into this. He got on the phone with them IMMEDIATELY. They too were deeply offended and are moving quickly to erradicate this. Through unity we can change things for the better. In faith, Coach Davies

Why would anyone ever read a ROTM forum anyway?

This is a fan forum for a rock group so breathtakingly stupid they still think Marxism is a good idea. I’ve made a point of not listening to ROTM for years on the basis of their politics…their fans (well, at least some of them) appear to be as stupid as they are.

Just to clarify, I’ve never been a rage fan - the link was sent to me by someone else :). I’m no geeky forum-reader. Really…:slight_smile:

Sorry…I did realise from your original post that you weren’t a fan - was just speaking about ROTM fans who take the band’s politics seriously.

Not for a second did I ever think the band members wrote that horrible shit, it was that fact that it was posted on their website, that’s what upsets me. Where do Rage fans get their inspiration? From Zack and the rest of the band. I also don’t have much respect for a band that rips on the US government in nearly every song they’ve ever written, but yet they are very wealthy and live a good life due to American capitalism. It’s also ironic to me that they are on one of the biggest record labels in the world, yet they are so anti-establishment. It’s just pathetic that they make a living off of their US hate music, yet take full advantages of the freedoms the US provides to them. Even if it’s just an act on their part I still have no respect.

I must disagree with some of you. While the people posting on that forum were disgusting idiots, Rage probably hasn’t been to that site in 4 years. So the band is not to blame any more than T-mag is to blame for the postings of Jason Baran. I haven’t bought a Rage CD in a while, but I think that freedom of speech gives them the right to say whatever they want. In fact what they say is very important whether you agree with any of it. Most music is corporate drivel, and at one time Rage was the only band…all right, just about the only people in America that had the balls to make certain statements. A dialogue is important. Although I may disagree with what Michelle or Demo Dick has to say about the crisis, their voices need to be heard. Freedom means the police, the government, the church, all need to be questioned.