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How Strict Do You Need to Be with Everyday Injections?

Hi everyone

Im considering trying out an everyday day protocol but I’m hesitant, I was just wondering how strict you have to be with everyday injection timings?

What time do you guys inject everyday?

Does it have to be the exact same time everyday?

What happens if you normally inject at 9pm but you inject at 11pm because you was out late then at 9pm the next day?

Would I get away with a 2 hour window to inject, maybe 8-10pm everyday?

Also what happens if you miss one or two injections because of unforseen circumstances?

I inject between 9am & 4pm each day. It doesn’t make a difference for me. 200mg/week = 28.6mg/day for me

Nothing at all. You can even skip a day every now and then and not notice anything.

You can literally inject anytime you want each day. Is it better to shoot for a certain time especially initially while your give you body time to get used to the new protocol? Yes. Will varying that time matter much. No.

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Thanks dexter, I saw your post in the credentials thread, I think you have a good physique, which makes your advice reliable to me, keep up the good work.

now I feel as though I can actually do a daily protocol

The only thing I’d add is initially I felt worse going to daily. Not horrible by any means but not amazing. It took a little while to have full effect 6-8 weeks. Those first 2 months it may make sense to try and keep it at around the same time each day.

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ok I’m going to think about this, I’m feeling really good on my current protocol, I’ll wait to get my blood test results before I decide.

Don’t change something that works

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Is it because the peak and trough is so small or frequent with everyday protocols that injection timing doesn’t need to be strict once that protocol is established?

I’m curious if anyone in the TRT community needs to be strict with daily injection timings?

Maybe that’s why some people say they didn’t feel good on the everyday protocol?

the 3.5 days protocol sounds more strict with the timing in comparison

I am sure there are people who say that. People get in their own heads too. Test E/C has a half life of around a week. I don’t think you will feel much difference if you are a couple hours different.

My own protocol is a bit odd, but works. I pin MWF at 62.5, 62.5 and 75mg (a bit extra for the extra day). I can’t tell on Saturday that I pinned an extra 12.5mg.

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Yeah it’s likely because the levels just don’t change much regardless.

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You want to stick to roughly the same time every day give or take 1-2 hours like you said is fine. Wouldnt go any more than a few hours as that will start to mess with hormonal balance and make it harder to gauge and dial in.

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