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How Strict are US Customs?

How strict in general are us customs. If I order from outside the us what are my chances of actually getting my product?

I buy from india all the time never had a problem.

not as strict as Aussie customs, that’s how strict

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Thanks for the reply, I heard aus had the strictest customs in the world, not sure if it’s true but I read that they X-ray every package from certain countries like China. That must make it so hard

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And you’re in the us? That gives me some hope. I have 3 weeks in my script of test e left so that gives me some time to find a good source that uses quality stealth

Customs is a little busy looking for the packs of fentanyl that are killing hundreds of people a day. They’re not nearly as focused on hidden vials of testosterone right now.

I have never tried to order T from outside of the US. I buy a lot of prescription drugs from india like cialas livitra my BP meds medformin some pain killers and anxiety meds. I have never lost a shipment. The place I order from even offers insurance for 4.95 if it does get stopped they will reship at no charge.

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they X ray every package from everywhere haha, and randomly search too… Going domestic is the way to go. Note the strictness has nothing to do with drugs, they don’t want animals or invasive plant species populating Australia and destroying wildlife/ ecosystems, it’s happened before with rabbits and certain species of weeds (not sure which ones)

On the farm I live on, rabbits tend to eat the crops, they’re a huge pain. Foxes that were introduced here in the mid 1800s are also a pain in the ass, around where I live some people own guns to shoot the foxes that come and try to hunt livestock.

And yea… you can get a gun in Aus. just requires a background check and paperwork + you must own a safe to keep the weapon away from children.

It depends greatly on where its coming from.

Heres an idea! Order domestic if you look real hard you can find a couple great sources with amazing reputations and Zero package loss ratings with people giving reviews almost daily of the gear.

Best part about it is you usually get your package within a week or less and NO customs!

I get my T and other stuff from a domestic source and have had no issues but I have gotten my generic cialis from India for about 7 years with only one issue. One shipment was seized by customs who sent me a note to contact them if I wanted to discuss. Ah, no fucking way. I contacted the source and they reshaped and I’ve had no other issues.

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Oh wow that’s pretty damn good odds. After reading all the stories of scams and “love letters” from customs I think I’ll wait until I find a source in the states and can just avoid customs. After they sent the letter did they do anything else? Or have you heard of them arresting anyone for just ordering and not for selling?

There was actually a simpsons episode where Bart brings a frog with him on vacation to Aus and it destroys the ecosystem but I digress.
I’m glad I don’t have to deal with all that. I’ll order domestically once I find a good source, thanks for the info


What are some of the things to look for in a quality source and what are some of the red flags to look for to avoid scams?

Nope, never heard another a thing. They probably kept it for themselves and used it:

I have an affinity towards cartoons, not sure why. But I’ve seen this episode, seen most of the Simpsons. I prefer depressing, cynical cartoons like bojack horseman, rick and morty, archer (who will probably never wake up), final space (it grew on me… eventually). Bojack horseman is by far my favourite though.

I agree 100%. There’s an interesting dichotomy with cynical depressing material in a cartoon. I love it. Rick and morty is brilliant. So well written. Have you seen “big mouth” on Netflix it’s funny as hell, a little debauch but if you can’t get past that it’s really funny. And there’s a hormone monster to boot. I haven’t seen Bojack yet I’ll have to check it out for sure.

Yup, I saw big mouth as soon as it came out.

Some of the scenarios just hit close to home I remember those terribly awkward years. Ill actually check bojack out tonight, I’ve always been curious every time I see it, thanks for the tipped

first few episodes aren’t that great, just feels like a normal cartoon at that point. It doesn’t get good til about S1E6, from then on it gets better and better

I get stuff from some of the more popular sites on the internet and have never had a problem receiving a package, though sometimes it can take up to 5 weeks.