How Sore Are You?

After following “Alpha’s Work” for the last couple of months and after spending the last year lifting with serious intensity I find that I spend the majority of my time hurt’n. I was looking for some advice on “how sore” is right and if I’m going to far. Are the rest of you living sore all the time?

Last week I set a new PR of 405 X 2 DL. It kicked my ass, I loved it but none the less I was sore as hell. Each week I choose a specific body section to try to set a new PR and this week was shoulders. Today I feel it…alot !!

With my work schedule I lift 4 straight and take 4 off. Any post on your lift days and soreness level would help me gauge my lifestyle in the gym. Thanks

Age 49
Weight 240
Height 6’5"

Some part of me or another is always sore. I don’t much notice it anymore.

I lift every other day doing a total body session with 1 push 1 pull and 1 lower body exercise. I hit at least 1 90% lift in each movement and back down to a set of 5 @ 80-85% of 1RM

My level of soreness the next day seems to be affected by how much protein I can get in before bed - more protein, less soreness. Less protein, more soreness. Can’t make it go away completely, however, though I’ve had some good days of over-the-top gnoshing.

I too get really sore when I do my Deadlifts or Rack pulls. To be honest. I like the feeling. I know DOMS is’nt meant to be a mark of a good workout or progress (according to some people), but it makes me feel like i’ve done something well in that session.

Other than deadlifts and rack pulls, I get the soreness most when I change an exercise to work a different angle.

How much is right?? Enough so you can feel it, but not so that it hinders your ability to walk. :slight_smile:

I am pretty much sore all of the time. Stretching and foam roller helps loads though.

I am pretty much always sore. Try to mitigate with stretching, foam roller.

Glad to know I’m not alone in this.

DaCharmingAlbino; my supplement stack is good so lack of Protien isn’t it and I’m eat’n like a horse.

Mzungu: I like it too !! I can still walk and make the g-friend smile…not at the same time though.

PeteS: I have been working at stretching but have never tried the foam roller. I will add it to my arsenal within the week

I was struggling with soreness that was becoming overwhelming. I checked the nutrition…made a few changes and finally decided to back off a little. I started seeing some pretty impressive PR’s (for myself) just from the increased recovery time. My workouts have a new life to them and I am seeing some better results. Still sore…but I look forward to going to the gymn every day but with less overall volume.

I don’t get sore, however I’m not power lifting. I do stretch before, during and after my workouts which I believe really helps. I also stretch in the morning before work and when I get home from work.

I also do a lot of warm ups with really light weights as well as without weights. Just something I have always done.

I do have old injuries that bother me periodically, mostly after long intense days at work.

IronSmithy: Thanks for the reply and anything else you might want to share would be very appreciated.

streamline: I am learning the value of stretching and have implemented it in my every day life…thanks

I get sore all the time. Usually DOMS, a day after the lift. My solution: Fish oil, eating enough to support growth and recovery, and stretching.

mcl and streamline: Thanks…always good to get advice from some of T-Nation’s veterans. With what has been posted and what I have read in the past few days I would say my level of soreness is pretty average considering the intensity I am training with. Looking to lift a new DL PR of 425 this weekend. I’m psyched…

phenomenal …good luck with your DL…and that day after!

Throw and do OL. Have lived by a congruate style routine (my favourite book is Anatoly Bondarchoucks - Long Term Training of throwers ) and change at least one exercise in a group, legs, back, quick pull, etc at least every 5 weeks, but try to stay with it for at least three weeks.

Every time I try something new it hurts. does not matter that my lower back is beaten up Saturday and Sunday throwing heavy weight and hammer, if I do GMs on Monday it will hurt the first time, by the third week will not notice it, do Snatch grip deads and again it hurts three weeks later nothing…

apart from that I also find the OL workout hurts while I do it, not bad pain, but lots of aches straight after the set, next day nothing, but I often sit there after a set making faces and going ow ow ow…that did not happen when I was young…

IronSmithy: Lifting a new PR makes the day after all good…thanks

GMH454: I will check the book out and thanks for posting !!

My muscles are sore all the time. When I get up in the morning I’m very stiff.

Once in a while I take a few days off…about the third day the soreness goes away and it almost feels like somethings wrong…like losing a friend. LOL

Thanks topdog2115…I worked legs yesterday morning and chest last night and I feel like I went a round or two…well at least a few seconds with Brock Lesnar. I’m sore as hell this morning. It’s nice to know I’m not alone limping to the bathroom!!

[quote]topdog2115 wrote:
My muscles are sore all the time. When I get up in the morning I’m very stiff.

Once in a while I take a few days off…about the third day the soreness goes away and it almost feels like somethings wrong…like losing a friend. LOL[/quote]

I’m having a few days enforced rest due to work, and I now feel really lazy, as none of my body feels sore!!

Mzungu: You say your lazy…I say get off your ass and get in the gym.

[quote]Dentfixer wrote:
Mzungu: You say your lazy…I say get off your ass and get in the gym. [/quote]

Thats a bit difficult in the middle of the african bush. :slight_smile:

Won’t have access to a gym for nearly a week. Stuck with push ups etc.

Hence the enforced rest.

Nice there’s another aged height challenges lifter. Sore is one thing, injury is another. I seem to hover around both. My friends make fun of me all the time. Either I plop down in their car or take 5 minutes getting out of the car. I’m just happy I’m not mush at 53ish. 4 on and 4 off is tough. Good luck, train hard, and be sore. This is what we do.