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How Soon to Work Out When Sore?


My workout is:

Performed M-W-F

I rotated each workout for 4 weeks heavy and then 1-2 weeks light. Then I hit it hard again. But when I start back up on Mon. with w/out #1 I am still sore come Wed. So should I go light on w/out #2? If I do then do I go heavy again on squats? Or do I go light again and then heavy Deads Mon???



If you're still sore, go light.


I dont like alot of workouts that are designed to be done on specific days for this reason. If this happens often it will hamper your progress, I think ideally the program should be designed to avoid this type of problem. That is why I do a program with day 1 day2 etc, not specific days of the week. And remember, your nervous system could still be shot, I wouldnt lift light just to get a workout in, because then you are going away from what you would have done. But, as far as soreness goes, I think the general rule is, as long as your not so sore that it affects your performance on that day then you are ok... I have heard this before, dont know if it holds any truth..


So work thru it lightly???


I've recently read a lot of contradicting evidence that says soreness shouldn't be used as a recovery gauge but I disagree. If you're still sore then modify your workout so you have an extra day of recovery or just get 15 hrs of sleep a nite. Remember your body isn't built in the gym but while you rest.


I don't have a full grasp of the subject yet but i've read that too. its supposed to be based on CNS recovery. You can train through soreness, but take care so you don't burn yourself out.


If you are sore.. I would suggest warming up and then re-assessing how you feel. If you still feel sore after warming up: go light. If after warming up you feel fine (which is usually what happens with me): go heavy.


work through soreness, get in a little extra warm up and youll be good to go