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How Soon Should Sore Nipples Go Away After Getting E2 Right?

All of a sudden, out of nowhere (no weight change) my nipples are sore even though I dropped my ai (due to advice from here) about 3 months ago. I can’t get to labs yet but started back on my ai. About how long should I expect the soreness to last?

Are you using HCG?

No just test cy and arimidex.

Yes that is about the dumbest advice going on the internet these days.
3 months with no AI it would depend on just how high your E2 got.
How much T you taking per week? How much anastrozole?

I’m taking 140mg spread over 2 shots a week and I was, and am again (started a week ago), taking .25mg anastrozole 1and 2 days after injections. When I first came here about 1 year ago everyone was saying how critical it was to keep E2 in range with an ai. When I came back 6 months later, everyone said how you shouldn’t take an ai unless you have symptoms because high E2 will often work itself out. Everyone was saying the thinking on the issue had charged. Here’s a link to the relevant thread:

If your dose is causing E2 issues, it could be worth lowering it. What are your free T numbers on that dose?

140mg/wk T cyp and .5mg AI/wk sound pretty safe since we know you have a short history of needing quite a lot of AI.
So The half life of Arimidex is 2 days so in 10 days you will reach your steady state and what ever your E2 is then should be what you will maintain until you change your protocol or lose another 10# of body fat.
If you can I’d do a mini blood test in a couple of week just to check on your E2 and of course watch for symptoms dry clicky joints, feeling depressed for no reason. The right E2 should allow you to lose any water weight you are holding and clear up any acne if you have some.
Best of luck to you.

What did you mean about a short history of needing quite a lot of ai? I’ve always taken .5mg per week- is that high? Also that dose typically puts my sensitive e2 at about 12 - is that too low? Thanks a ton for your help!

I think an E2 of 12 is too low. I prefer mid to high 20’s You might want to adjust your AI dose a little lower if you know you will end up at 12.
I think .5mg /wk is kind of high. Everyone is different that is why we do blood test to see what works best for us. Without bloods we are all just guessing based on our own experiences.

Thanks a lot for your help!