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How Soon for TRT Effects?

How soon after you started TRT did you notice changes and what were they?

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Ok so I haven’t really felt a positive effect yet but noticed yesterday I started getting mood swings. Worse today and towards the afternoon I really feel like crap so much so I was going to go in a day early to get my shot. Of course the nursing clinic was only open half a day today and I missed it. I have a workout tomorrow morning and not even looking forward to it kinda, thinking about skipping it and just going in and getting my shot.

If this is an indicator on how I’ll feel, at least the negative effects I’m gonna have to change shot day to a day I don’t work out. It’s hasn’t even been a week yet so while I felt nothing really positive I didn’t think the negative would be so bad!

Repeat after me… estradiol is my enemy, estradiol is my enemy, estradiol is my enemy…

Very few people do well on testosterone by itself. The question is now that you know testosterone alone isn’t working for you, what are you going to do about it?

Personally, I felt ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound about an hour after my first shot. But then again, I was already controlling my estradiol with anastrozole before I even started on shots.

I’m not saying that I know what’s going on in your situation. I’m just saying that you should give serious consideration to estradiol as the source of the problem.

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