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How Soon Did You See Results with Krypteia? Does It Build Leg Size?

Hello there. I have two questions abut Krypteia.

Does Krypteia build big legs?

And how soon did people who did it as written begin to see noticeable results in performance and appearance?



Good question… Lets see if I can answer this.

Been running it since October, had to take a 2 month break with a shoulder issue but back on it as of a month ago. I also ran it with a buddy which was very helpful because we could push each other. My buddy has freak genetics and he got ripped in no time. I got super strong. I completed the entire program in the 4-5 months and my lifts went up like crazy, more than 100 lbs on my deadlift and i cant recall the squat but it was gnarly. I had to buy new pants, Old Navy has an athletic fit and that it what I fit into now, especially with skinny jeans in style it makes it more difficult to find jeans. I bought new shorts, and bigger shirts. Now I ate to get stronger and boy did I… Does it build leg size, it did on me but part of it was diet as well. Hopefully this helps.

Thank you. This is interesting to hear. Happy lifting!

I finished up until the final wave, and I noticed a lot of leg gain and felt great running it. I pushed all the assistance hard and ate to grow. It works just as well as any other 5/3/1 template as long as you do the right stuff outside of the gym. You’ll get in better shape and gain muscle for sure.

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Hello, and thank you. It does help.

Well, I if you’re like me I’d recommend taking a photo before and after. My weight tends to not fluctuate too much, but when I look at photos I can see differences in body composition and leanness despite my weight nearly always being 170-174. At my age, I’m not interested in packing on a lot of bodyweight but I want to remain relatively lean and athletic.

From Krypteia, I think you’ll find that you’ll get leaner, get in better shape, and perform better in sports or athletic activities. I enjoyed the program, and run cycles of it now and again.

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Hello, and thank you. This is intestering.