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How Soon Can I Start My Next Cycle?


I competed my 14 week cycle on April 18th. I was taking 400mg of Deca per week, 400mg of Equipose per week, 100mg of Tren acetate E/o/d. I have kept all of my gains and am still training 5-6 days a week and eating 175g of protein a day alomg with limited complex carbs. I am on my 4th week of Somatropin.

I really want to get back on the juice; How long before I can get back on it? Also could anyone advise me on my next cycle, I do not want to retain any water, what should I juice up with?


how do you like the limp noodle?


I think limp noodles are an upcoming fashion..


get bloodwork done, post results, then we will tell you.


General rule is time on + PCT = time off, but I have never waited quite that long and I have always recovered fine. Did you run a PCT?

And like walkaway said, only way to know for sure is to get blood work done


Amazingly enough, although it was a worry, I didn't suffer from a limp noodle, I suffered from mega night sweats and muscle cramps and tren cough but thats about it. When I first came off my cycle my libido was through the rough, so much so the missus was pretty sore after a week. I used hcg injections and Nolvadex after 18 days for three weeks, I feel tip top and everything works as it should. I found Tren a brilliant strenth gainer and muscle hardener, but not much on the side of mass increase. Over my cycle I retained the same body weight throughout, give a take 2lbs but lost 2.2% body fat.

In the past I have done cycles of Naposim / Dianobol / Sus / Deca. But have retained water, its not the look I'm after. The red faced bloater is not to appealing.