How Soon Can I Deadlift After Rotator Surgery?

49M 1ml/wk test cyp. 6’1 300lbs. No gear prior to starting TRT last October.

Surgery was 5/24. Partial tear, sutured, anchored. Same shoulder had a labrum + bicep tenodesis done in 2015 with a full recovery.

Recovery has been brilliant. Ditched the sling after wk2. At wk6, had full flexibility, and started moving light weights through a full upper body workout with no issues.

So when can I start pulling 225 off the floor?

My wk6 checkup was useless. PA told me I could start working bis/tris. Surgeon didn’t bother to show up. See you in a month and a half.

You could use a strap like Brian Alsruhe did and start soon

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I considered that when I tore my bicep fifteen years ago, but immediately discarded the idea as being monumentally stupid.

That was amazing.

Now I need to find a strap that won’t cut my head off.

Spud Inc makes a great variety of straps.

Thanks, but I’m thinking more Harbor Freight

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I like them for cheap tools. I wouldn’t trust my body to it.

2,000lb capacity
Just wonder if it would be long enough

Looks good, but I dug around the gym today and found a Spud strap that I think I can use with a couple of hanging ab slings.

Since I only plan on using this a few times, free is best.

Stay tuned for possibly hilarious video.

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Strap aside, this is probably good advice

You’ve had a history of the biceps tenodesis, so youve already got a relocated biceps tendon (LHBt) and now you’ve got a freshly repaired supraspinatus (SSP)

Both LHBT and SSP assist stabiliising of the head of humerus (HoH, the “ball”) in the glenoid (the socket in the shoulder blade).

Deadlift will impose forces that will effectively try and pull the HoH downwards, out of the socket.

Strengthening bis and tris will help recondition LHBT and SSP to be able to mainatin HoH in socket before you go back to normal deadlifting

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I agree with @j4gga2. You made a huge investment of time and pain getting your shoulder fixed. For goodness sake, don’t endanger it! I’d only add that the lats become a huge part of keeping humorous from impinging the shoulder joint.

See the video below on how to test its activation in the gym before you lift:

Also, I do not think @DrunkUncas’ suggestion is unreasonable. Those straps are thicker and more comfortable than most and have a huge load rating at 2800lbs! At 20ft long, you can double it up for this use. And at ~$13 - cheap and easy! We use them on the farm and never had one break, and they are tough as nails. Here it is:


I have used daisy-chained webbing for similar use in the gym as well. Can find in a lot of sports stores that have climbing gear.

Spud Straps are great too.

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