How Soon After Blast Can I Cut On My Cruise?

Hey hey… so maybe this is a retarded question, but how long should I keep in a calorie surplus/maintenance after my test/deca blast? I keep reading that if I would go into an immediate cut I will lose everything I gained on the cycle. I’m on trt and cruise a lil on the high end at 250mg weekly.

First time running deca and I love this shit, hands down I’ve seen more gainz than when I ran test/tren.

Anywho… does anyone have anything on the question above. Thanks y’all!

Well on high dose trt, the game changes quite a bit. If you pct and cut you will lose a lot, on 250mg per week now so much.

I would give it a month just to re adjust, after that so the cut

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I eat at maintenance for 8 weeks then cut. 4 weeks usually the cycle is still clearing, so another 4 after that.

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I believe I remember @iron_yuppie stated you need to maintain for at least a month after you return to normal levels before trying to cut (like @cguy said). Maybe he can chime in on that incase I’m way off.

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