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How Should Weightlifting Shoes Fit?


I recently ordered adidas ironworks III shoes in my Cole Haan dress shoe size (lace ups). They arrived today, but I'm not sure if they're too long (never had a pair of weightlifting shoes before). There's about a 1/2 inch gap between my toes and the front; everywhere else it fits very snug. I read on another forum that there should be hardly any distance between the toes and the front of the shoe; the shoe should basically fit like a glove. Is this correct?

The major problem I foresee is not being able to do a proper split jerk with them. I would take them out for a spin, but I plan on returning them if they're too big.



Way to go on getting a pair of Oly shoes it'll make everything much easier when you lift. 1/2in isn't too bad and I'm not sure that you can get a pair that would fit more snugly without being too tight, especially when you start to consider foot width (my problem). I have an older pair of Adidas shoes that give me about 1cm of clearence (less than 1/2in but not much) and I have never had a problem.

When you lace them up try a few split jerks w/o weight, do your feet slide at all?
Have you tried using different types of socks?
Try a few bw movements to get an idea of how they will react. Oh, and I don't know about newer versions but my pair hasn't stretched out at all over about 5 years of lifting. Hope this helps!