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How Should My Traning Be Set Up?

alright guys i was wondering what my traning plans should look like, like what excercises should I do and how many reps etc…I used to work out two times a week but quit for about a year and a half now I am starting back up…my main objective is to be as strong as possible in the upper body not so much worried about lower I would also like a good six pack as well…

im going to get on a supplement or stack as well just not sure what yet
im 6’0 and about 205 the most I could probably put up right now is 185 one time i hop w that give you an idea of the kind of shape im in.

thanks in advance…al suggestion appreciated


You S.O.B! You almost had me.

[quote]Dissonance wrote:

You S.O.B! You almost had me.[/quote]

No kidding! He almost got me too.

There are stickies at the top of this forum with links to articles on training and nutrition. I suggest you read and follow them.