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How Should My Hamstring Feel Being Rehabbed?

I had a thread here going several months ago and I am still frustrated in my attempts to rehabilitate my left hamstring that had a level 1 pull on March 31.

Ever since then through work or sometimes running across the street to avoid traffic with weight of groceries I re tweak it and I wonder if I am stuck starting the process again.

I did this originally with deadlifts, and today for example I was deadlifting much less than my old first warmup weight, after warming up, and notice it feels off a bit.

What my question is, even if I don’t cause myself outright pain since the original injury, what should my hamstring feel like when I am intelligently adding greater loads to it?

It won’t cause much notice in my right side, but the left feels like it is different after working it, and I wonder if anyone can explain a sense for how it should feel when properly dealt with, unless this is impossible to express.

Maybe one legged leg curls to see how one feels to the other in terms of weakness, tighteness ect.? im no expert on injuries thouhg just a thought that could help maybe

Make sure your still tennis ball massaging it while trying to rehab it. Its the only way to heal that scar tissue you developed from the injury and then strengthen it after you do a session of massage.

Thats what I used on an adductor magnus pull anyway and did lots of high reps(15-25) x 3 sets with an exercise that targeted that area(bb lunges or squats). It healed up within a couple weeks and I continued to massage it before training, and did a session at night as well.

Try it and see if it works. You have nothing to lose at this point!!

I have had success with a variation of an old Bill Starr rehab routine.
3 sets of 25 leg curls alternate with
3 sets of 25 deep squats

Obviously, you need to start with very light weights, Do this every day, and progress the weight, and cut back on the all the other stuff. OK if the injured ham is a bit sore, as long as the pain decreases as you work. Cut short if the pain is sharp or gets worse as you rep out. The leg should feel somewhat pumped. I also ice afterwards, at least in the beginning.

This should take 7-14 days, depending on the severity. Light stretching after the workout in the second week. You can drop the reps below 25 and go to every other day as you start to approach a more normal squat weight.

Works for me, good luck.

Massage with a hard golf ball or some type of hard ball has cured many of my injuries.