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How should I take this stack for fat loss

I got a bottle each of 4AD-EC,Tribex 500,and M. I have already been taking MD6, and old formula T2,and have a bunch more left. I have been on a fat loss cycle for a month now. So far I have lost 10 LBS. of scale wight. I have a lot of wight to lose( 50 LBS of fat is my goal right now) I started at 270. I have just been using a tape to check my fat loss for now. I’m 5’10" and pretty muscular, but I’m pretty fat too. I’m doing the T-Dog diet right now.Anyway ,what would be the best way to cycle these supplements, and at what doses. Thanks for any responses.

You could start with half doses of the 4 AD for two weeks then the last two to seven days of the two week period start with Tribex/M and stay on Tribex/M for two weeks then the day you stop using those start another two week cycle of the 4 AD. With the MD6 someone pointed out on a post that you can stay on for 12 weeks and then take two weeks off. I don’t know about the T2 so hopefully someone else will chime in. If you purchase another bottle of the 4 AD you can follow this cycle for twelve weeks and if you are averaging 2 lbs of fat loss per week on the T-Dawg diet you will lose 24 lbs of fat by the end of the 12 weeks…halfway toward your goal. Best of luck.

Thanks H-Man. Sounds like a good plan!