How Should I Take My Cycle?

I weigh 155 lbs, 21 years old and am going to take Supedrol, Test-C 250 mg/ml, and Nandrolone Decaonate 300 mg/ml. Need advice on safe and effective dosages please help.

Learn to eat and lift heavy mate. No need for superdrol that’s a really strong oral. Also your 2, get anpth 5yrs of diet and training. Try to get fuckin ridiculously strong.

You’re definitely much to small and probably too young to be using steroids. That being said, I will outline a very basic beginner cycle, because if you are set on this I know I’m not able to stop you and I don’t want you to permanently damage your test production like I did in my youth (which is a BIG possibility with the steroids you have mentioned)!

For a beginner cycle,

weeks 1-10 300-500mg test E/week
weeks 1-10 10mg nolva per day

Make sure you research a proper PCT and implement it! IF you cycle and come off with no pct, your natural test will not recover properly and you will be stuck with low test for life (like I am)! I am not the guy to ask about pct because I fucked my test up when I Was younger and am on test for life! DO NOT make the same mistakes buddy you will regret it, I mean imagine being 70 years old still having to stick needles in your bony ass to feel normal, not ideal man! be safe!