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How should I stchedule my weekly training?

I am training on a Westside template, doing ME and DE days for upper and lower body. My problem is that I can’t train Friday or Saturday. Any other day during the week is fair game. What would be the best way to schedule my training days?

Well you’re supposed to have 72 hours between workouts correct? Since you can only workout Sunday through Thursday there is only one option I believe.

Upperbody or Lowerbody:
ME Sunday/DE Wednesday=72 Hour layoff

Upperbody or Lowerbody:
ME Monday/DE Thursday=72 Hour layoff


I think it’s OK to modify the schedule. Personally I don’t go to the gym on Fridays so I adapt my program to fit my schdule. The beauty of the Westside program is that it is dynamic, it can be changed to allow for more recovery or higher or lower volume. Do what you need to do as long as you are going to the gym I think you’ll still make gains.

Good Luck