How Should I Run My First Stack?

Hello I am looking to start my first cycle and am looking for some feedback on how to run it. I have 40 tablets of 50mg of methan (dianabol), I have 500 mg of Test Cypionate, and I have 30 tablets of 20 mg nolva (nolvadex). How much should I run each week and for how long. Also what kind of post cycle should I use. I have a liver support already. Thank you for anyone that responds.

I will help you lay out your plan however i can assure you will need more than just nolva, you need aromasin while on dbol to prevent bloat and gyno and throughout your test cycle…if not you can substitute aromasin with low dose nolva but you will need way more than 30 tabs my friend.

1-3 weeks dbol at 20-25mg ED take 1 hr before workout

1-12weeks test at 250mg twice per week, pick the days mon - fri , sun - thurs dont matter…

wait two weeks after last pin for PCT

pct = nolva 40/40/20/20

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Thank you so much! When should I start taking the Nolva?

Also what do you mean by pct = nolva 40/40/20/20

Also would 60 tablets of Nolva work?

dose and days or weeks. in this case 40mg for first 2 weeks ED then 20mg

depending on the type of nolva brand, some are under or over dosed its hard to say, but mostly u wanna do 50/50/25/25 if all you have is 60 then just do 60 then taper down… to half for last two weeks…then again u have to know what brand…

With 60 tabs of 20mg what would be your written plan for that?

Per day / week is what I mean

Just a quick reminder that any references to brands/labs/sites, either spelled out, abbreviated, or in “code”, won’t be posted on the forum. That’s been the policy for, like, 10+ years.

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So, that’s one week’s worth.

Guessing you have no idea what you’re doing, which means this is a bad idea.

Couldn’t you get away with running nolva during the cycle ? say 10-20mg ED, or does the dbol cause to much estrogen?

I have 2 10 ml vials the weight of the vials is 250 mg

Nolva is expensive and too much can mess you up, its better to run AI, and do not underestimate dbol, i ran 25MG ai ed when on dbol and was still having issues but i am very prone to gyno, it all depends on your body.

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In what weeks would you run the Nolva?

That’s not the weight bro, it’s the dosing per mg.

You have a total of 5,000 mg, so ten weeks at 500 mg per week, tops.

Not to be a dick, but you are fucking around with your hormones and seem to have a rudimentary understanding of AAS at best.

You do not understand pct and have no clue about Hcg, which you need, at least in your pct, if not in your cycle.

You also have no mention of liver support, TUDCA or otherwise.

I would recommend you do more research before you fuck up your HPTA.

Bloodwork? Yeah, that’s kind of important.