How Should I Proceed?

Been struggling with this for over a year. How should i proceed? Bulk? Maintenance? Also any tips with struggling with body dysmorphia and self confidence?Any exercise tips and places I need to target? Please let me know. Anything would really help.

15M, 115 pounds, 5’6.

Don’t post shirtless pictures of yourself on the internet as a teenager.

Forget the terms “bulk”, “cut”, and "maintenance.

Get bigger and stronger.

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the T-Nation article can get you started


Basically, you should plan on - to start - eating lots of healthy food, lifting weights 3+ times a week with a non-stupid program, trying to get enough sleep, and doing your best to avoid drugs and alcohol for the next 5 years, and then see where you stand. Then just plan on trying to do that for the rest of your life. Being 15 years old and feeling awkward and not-good-looking is what most people go through to some degree. You can help yourself out by starting to lift and get strong way earlier than I did.

P.S. I don’t care about weed - I don’t find it to be harmful for myself, but if it affects your motivation, chill out, and you’re 15 with a developing brain, so chill out regardless.


Seek the aid of a trained professional in matters of mental health. Body dysmorphia is a serious psychological condition, and having it identified at this young of an age gives you an opportunity to start addressing it ASAP. I would address this BEFORE anything else.


You need the same thing as anyone - 10 more years of food and training.

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yeah x2 -see a professional over body dysmorphia.

Read 10 Dan John articles -will give you clarity about a lot of principles training and diet related. Plenty of old school/fatherly wisdom also that might help clear your head up a tad also.

I say just get in the gym 2-3+ times a week to get acclimatised and learn the basic compound moves. This is a good start…


You need Jesus.

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