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How Should I Perform Kroc Rows?


Gonna start doing kroc rows which apperantly are really good for grip and back development but just wanting to know how should I do them.

I know when doing this exercise you have to use heavy ass weights but should I max it out? Or just go for 25reps?


go for more reps, no sense trying to max on a db exercise


So 25reps or abit higher?


I think Matt Kroc does that many reps only when he doesn't have heavy enough DBs (200s). When he has 300 lb DBs I've seen him do about 7 reps.

I would stick to a basic rep range of 6-10.


Just watch the videos of Kroc doing them. That is the correct style.

Actually there are two separate sorts: one for higher reps and one for lower.

The higher reps version is what is usually meant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7jAIdoORxI

The lower reps version is done as so: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPfrBhdUHKQ&feature=related

The weight you use is relative to your strength.

The question of whether one should do the exercise if only so much weight would be used, etc, is like asking whether one needs to be able to bent row 315 lb before doing bent rows and if not that strong yet then do other exercises; or does one need to be strong enough to squat 495 before squatting and if not then do other exercises, etc.

Btw, if one is a fan of mechanical drop sets, it's pretty brutal and effective to do bench-supported Kroc rows till maximal reps are achieved, then switch to the low-rep version to finish the exercise out. Don't know that others do that, but I've taken to doing it lately and like it. Only do the last set that way.

On the reps, why not start with something you can do high reps with and add 5 lb per workout till it seems better to do the low rep version, and then continuing till say reps drop to say 6? Then cycle back to a high rep weight, but say 5 lb heavier than what you started with last time.


How many reps should I do on the high rep version? Seems to me that 6 to 10reps is a low rep version.


This is a training thing that, as you are doing, I wound up learning from what Kroc is doing.

I would never have imagined that such high-rep work would be the way to go.

Yeah, I know, the reason he was doing it in the first place was because he didn't have access to DB's heavy enough to force, at his strength level, more moderate reps.

But he found that the high reps really WORKED for him.

I've seen benefit also by allowing reps to go as high as he is known for doing. Of course that requires for me lighter weight than he uses, but these things are all relative to one's own strength.

I would definitely suggest working as light as weights allowing 25-30 reps, and working up in weight each workout from there as reps gradually fall (but try to hold them as much as possible.) And then continue cycling the weight.

If you'd be doing it twice a week, one day might be substantially lighter and higher reps than the other.

The bench version can be done down to 6 or 10 reps also. The other version allows using even more weight for low reps and also hits the muscles a little differently (can't really say how, but the angle of pull certainly is different.)


So 1set with weight I can do for 25/30 reps and every week increase the weight that looks good mate cheers.


I do think you'll be pleased with it!


high rep range = 20/40

go as heavy as possible, use straps if you have serious grip problem (with serious weight)