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How should I modify my w/o when using MAG-10?

I will be using my 1st cycle of MAG-10/Tribex/M in the coming week.
I am currently doing the “Big back stack” and “Canadian cannons” program.
I will be starting week 3 soon, and that’s when I will be using MAG-10 ( weeks 3 and 4 ).
This week I finished all reps in all sets of both programs.
For the next 2 weeks should I use a weight with all exercises I know I won’t be able to complete all the sets? Or should I use a weight where I might be able to finish all reps in all exercises?
I just want to get the most out of my MAG-10 use?

And how exactly should I exercise after the MAG-10 when using Trobex/M? High reps?

Thanks t brothers

Well, when I did my mag-10 cycle, I overtrained for 2 weeks, then scaled back for to above maintenance for the tribex/M cycle.

Overtrained - More volume, more weights, more frequent workouts. There’s a good article on biotestedge.com telling you how to do so. Also, eat like a horse for 2 weeks, a healthy horse that is.

Try to continue to train at the new strength level you get while on mag-10. Scale back total volume so you don’t overtrain. Your muscles will now be stronger post mag-10, if you don’t continue to stimulate them w/ the new levels of strength, you won’t be able to hold on the the newly gained muscle.

Its a war…you have to keep fighting to keep every gain you make.