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How Should I Eat My Eggs?


I posted before in this forum trying to get ideas how you guys eat your eggs. Unfortunately, it did not help much. In the morning, I have been having 3 wholes eggs, 8 egg whites, 1/2 cup oatmeal ,a scoop protein powder (in oatmeal), 1 cup frozen berries (in oatmeal), 1/2 cup raisin brand, and 2 fish oil caps.

Now, I am able to digest everything except the eggs. It's not that I am stuffed, I think it's just that I don't like the flavor of eggs! I try to force myself to eat the eggs, and I start gagging. I need to find a way to eat my eggs without getting sick. I can not have any dairy products what-so-ever. I tried adding bell-peppers and salsa, but this does not help. I do not want to have to make an omelet either. Any suggestions?


I can't find the recipe, but I read one once and actually tried it and it was interesting/good?

It was hard boiled eggs, oranges and some apple cider vinegar. Since I can't find it, I don't know the exact amounts of anything.

It sounds disgusting, but it really isnt.



Tried boiling or poaching?


Making an omelet is likely not going to help, it's eggs in a different shape, eh?

Why are you continuing to try and force yourself to eat something you hate? I hear organ meats are outstanding but they make me feel like I am tucking into an autopsy so...I don't eat them.

Why not ditch the eggs which you hate, and up the protein powder or add a different protein source if you are looking for something more substantial in the am? You could also lose the Raisin Bran and replace it with more oatmeal which is a better choice anyway, and add some bran to that for additional fiber/bulk.


Usually with a fork.


Personally, I love eggs, always have, any which way you want to make them, so I probably won't be much help. What's the problem with omeletes? Is it the flavour or the hassle of making them?


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ha! i hated eggs too but i discovered they are more palatable if i make them in an omelet with oatmeal. i put in 3 eggs, a cup of oats , a bunch of black pepper, onion salt, and garlic powder, cook til its kinda browned, cut it up and dunk in my favorite "sauce"... which for me is ketchup;) not to bad dipped in ranch or tapatio either.

good luck,
ryan b.


Why not?


Blend the eggs, oatmeal, and protein powder, add some water or oil and splenda and then throw in the fruit. It should cook like pancakes.


How about hard boiled (well, i like the yolks juussstttt a hair soft)? Slice them up and put a dollop of sauce on them. I like horseradish or hot mustard. Or regular yellow mustard for that matter. Eat 'em like crackers.

Or, throw some meat in a pan, brown and crumble it them scramble eggs into it. Just like something you migth get at Denny's.

I also eat eggs fried, scrambled and omelets.


You are a pussy.

Having said that, if you really can't stand eggs, why eat them? There are a hundred different kinds of protein out there. Have a steak. Have a shake. Have some fish. It's a nice dish.