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How Should I Do Weighted Dips and Pull-Ups?


Currently Im doing 5x5 in dips and started 3 weeks ago. Now Im at 88lbs 5x5 in dips and 24lbs in 5x5 pullups. I do this 3 days a week with 5x5 pull ups, but things are getting heavy, and I dont feel im recovering in the dips.

Should I do a more texas method style where I do 5x5 on mondays and bodyweight wednesday and 1x5 with heavy weight on friday?


I like to rotate the rep scheme. I’ve found I can only do weighted dips and pull-ups twice a week, or my elbows start to feel funky.
I try to set rep PR’s at various weights. Some weeks are higher reps, some weeks are lower. I know that trying to increase weight weekly leads me to discomfort, so I manipulate variables like time, reps per set, and the order of exercises in order to have different methods of progression.


Why do you only want to do sets of 5?


dunno, i know the drill with 5x5 so its just increase the weight.


I think you will start seeing better results by using a variety of rep ranges. You could do 5x5 one week, 10x3 another, 4x8 another, etc.


brady888: yea i see how weighted dips 3 times a week can have its toll on the elbows.

But how do you plan ur weights and reps u try out?

Shouldnt I have some sort of gauge to measure my strength every week to know im progressing?


T3hPwnisher: seems like the rep scheme of smolov, I follow that scheme for squat in cycles and have great results. But I dont see my self dipsing more than 3-2 times a week.

But I think ur right, maybe do 4x8 one week, the next week ill do 5x5 and 10x3 the last week and repeat this cycle?


No. You shouldn’t be peaking like with smolov, just building strength.


not peaking, but volume one week, and next week higher weights at lower reps and a final week where u do 1x5 or somehing, rinse and repeat? It wont be as intense as smolov.

I dont know though :stuck_out_tongue:


I would just use a variety of rep ranges personally. I haven’t found a great benefit to attempting to program assistancr work.


well its not assistance, I use dips as a main exercise atm. Want to get it to 200lbs x1 with good form. I also feel the dips build my chest way more than bench, even my tris and shoulder gets pumped up during dips


Unless your only focus is weighted dips and pull-ups, they are assistance. Do assistance that helps build other movements.

If you need to plan it, just alternate something like:
light for a rep PR
Medium and volume
Heavy, low volume
Light and high volume
Medium for a rep PR

And whatever other iterations you can think of.


Ok, do you mean at a week to week basis? in ur example.


1RM dips and pull-ups are dumb. Take it from someone who chased them for a while lol. Obviously you do what you like, but they were counter-intuitive to strength and hypertrophy for me.

I usually do weighted dips once a week and do some sort of variation like the ones I listed.


I would only do either exercise once per week at most. They can shred elbows. Make sure to warm up thoroughly before attempting either (light band pushdowns before the dips can work wonders). 5 reps and below might be a little on the heavy side but with good form i’m sure they’ll work well.