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How Should I Continue with Bulging Disc?

Hi everyone,

Little backround. I’m 25 years old male. Been doing sports since the age of 7.
I started to exercise at the gym when I was 18.
Due to a certain period of time with poor deadlift & squats technique, now I have bluging discs L4-S1.
Now I feel pain but I still can continue my daily routine without a problem. After making a CT, the doctor said it’s a very mild condition, nothing serious but I do need to start changing my workout and adjusting.

I started to feel pain and discovered the issue in December 2016. Since then, I tried a variety of programs but my lower back still hurts, much better but still hurts.
I’m not squatting or dead lifting anymore for at lease 3 months but I still exercise 3-5 times a week.
After trying to stay and lift weights without squatting and dead lifting and the pain still continued, I decided to leave the gym and start working out with my body weight by the beach with those build in, body weight lifting appliances; I’ve been doing that for a month now.
I do squat but with body weight and I also do lunges, pull ups, push ups and more. And I work on my core a lot and still feel pain; not severe but I still feel it while I shouldn’t.
The whole purpose of this thread is that I know I can quit & the pain will stop but I don’t want to quit. Sport is an essential part of my life since I’m 7 years old. And it also helps a lot with my ADHD, so quitting is my last resort. Of course I don’t want to make things worse and if quitting for a certain amount of time is the recommended option so be it. but I do want to hear opinions before quitting.

What do you say? Should I quit now for a certain amount of time or should I continue what I’m doing now which is pull ups, push ups, core and all of those exercises without weights?
The last thing i want is full blown herniated discs.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Disc bulges can now be treated successfully with new regenerative medicine techniques, in particular mesenchymal stem cells injected into the annulus. This has been proven to reduce lumbar disc bulges. The group that pioneered this procedure is the Centeno-Shultz clinic in Broomsfield, CO, and they now have a brand called Regenexx and a network of providers around the US and world that offer the procedure.

Check them out: