How Should I Change My Training?

I have been on TRT for 1 1/2 months and due to a mistake have extra Test.Cyp. My prescribed see is 100mg/wk and I am injecting twice per week. I thought about going to 300 or 400 mg per week for 6-8 weeks to see what kind of gains I can get.
Age 56
5’11" 192 lbs
12 +/- body fat
I have been working out religiously for 3 1/2 years and worked construction for 25 years before semi-retiring.
Diet is very clean, early carbs and butt-load of protein. 2700-3000 cals/day.
No alcohol, cigs or other drugs besides supplements and alive for arthritic ankle.
Been working out 4 days/week
Monday chest and Triceps
Tuesday Back and Biceps
Thursday legs and abs
Saturday Shoulder
I also do 20 min steady state cardiovascular after working out and occasionally HIIT on my off days.
I’m not on an AI now but am watching for signs.
I appreciate any feedback. Been reading and posting for a while and wanted to start a thread instead of high-ranking one!

Forgot to ask my main question - should I increase my training to take advantage of the test? If so, recommendations please.

I would suggest no lower than 400mg a week. Maybe even try to pick up some orals like Dbol or Anadrol for cheap. Won’t set you back much at all.

As for training it does not have to change at all. Some guys add little more volume but there is no rule to this everyone is different. I for one actually decrease my training frequency when I’m on full throttle because I feel like super man so I have a hard time not making every session a Max Effort day. Which is great for intensity but trying to go full bore 4-5 days a week leaves me fried and shitty. 2-3 however in golden and PRs cone almost weekly.

Thanks Reed, I thought about getting some add-ons, however it was suggested that my first cycle should be test.only to check my reaction. I will up to 400 mg tho.
It is cool now that it’s kicking in and you are right about not trying to over do it. I was hoping that my recovery time would be faster and maybe I could get in an extra day. Should I still try to keep my gym time (not counting warm-up or cardio) under an hour or can I add some more time?

You might be able to add a extra day as long as you keep your volume and intensity in check. Like I said in a powerlifter more than anything and when on and taking alot of 1 rep maxes I burn out fast so I need a extra day or so of rest. If your doing more pump and bodybuilding stuff you may be able to add in some extra days.

As for the time upper body days take me a hour - hour and half. Lower a hour and half - two hours. Once agian every one is different and respond in different ways. Even more so when on gear. So I say start the pinning and go a week or so as normal. Then add a extra day for a week or two and see how you feel and respond.