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How Should I Be Breathing?


Can someone please explain how I am supposed to be breathing when I lift weights? I am specifically asking when I should be exhaling and inhaling during a repetition. I sometimes find myself holding my breath which I can assume isn't good at all. Thanks in advance.


Generally, inhale on the eccentric (when the weight moves you) and exhaling on the concentric (when you're moving the weight) a little momentary breath holding won't kill you and is practically unavoidable.


I would disagree. Take your breath before you begin the rep, complete the rep and then let it out and take another before beginning the next rep.


It may be personal preference but that's what I do as well. I tend to exhale at the end of the rep and inhale on the way back down.


I find it depends on the weight. If I'm doing sets of 8-12, I do it the way Tribulus suggested. However, when I'm moving heavy weights (singles, doubles etc) I find holding my air to be essential to keeping 'tight' and completing the lift.
The exception is when you're talking about curling on a bosu ball. Then the protocol is to take a deep breath before you begin, hold it, and then keep holding it until you die.... it's more functional that way.


Yeah I hold my breath some on the concentric on heavy sets, especially with movements like deads and squats. This guy us just asking for the general idea. You wouldn't want to try inhaling on the way up.


Thanks guys. Good info.


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