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How Should I Add Accessories to Greyskull?

I know how to calculate workloads and all that but I’m a bit lazy I guess to do it.

So I alternate bench press and overhead press for my first and 3rd workout

So it goes

Workout 1: Bench/OHP, Weighted chin-ups, squats, Pendlay rows

Workout 2: OHP/Bench, Deadlifts, Rackpulls (like 1 inch rom for traps and grip strength, kinda like a farmer walk)

Workout 3: Bench/OHP, Weighted chinups, squats, pendlay rows

So I’m wondering how I should add
Ab work
forearm work
Neck work
And the rack pulls into this program better.

Should i stick with the original thing, but then add an ABA formatted accessory template to it too?

So something like

A: Rackpulls, neck curls (Extension and flexion)
B: Pronated curls, Wrist curl, and forearm supination pronation work? band wood choppers (or russian twists?), weighted planks

ABA BAB at the end of workout 1 2 and 3

Goals: Bigger forearms, bigger neck, thicker abs, bigger traps

So weird. Why not just a bigger, stronger everything?

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Because i’m not having issue building the rest of my body, the rest of it is being stimulated pretty well, but there are muscle groups like my traps that can take a lot more of a beating and deadlifts arent enough.

Forearms are getting stronger, but that’s not even total grip strength (open hand to close). Increasing my static holds arent enough to stimulate my forearms totally.

Neck, direct work is the only way to really get that bigger.

Abs, not enough stimulation from the big compounds. I think theyre over rated for strong abs, i don’t believe the valsalva maneuver is enough to build very thick abs and obliques.

fair enough. Personally I try and limit neck and trap work because it’ll make your shoulders look narrower. I thought I was a genius when I came up with this but it turns out that’s what the old school dudes like Arnie and Zane used to do (pretty sure Eyedentist talked about it once too).

But anyway: shrugs, leg raises and reverse curls. There you go. Doesn’t matter which workout you add them to. Do them every workout if you want.

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Ahhhh, the struggle of us narrow clavicle folks. Too bad I can’t afford lengthening surgery for it.

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Not sure what you mean bro, did something suggest i have a narrow clavicle? not sure if i do or dont :slight_smile:

my traps are big (relative to my other muscles, everything i have is small lol) but i want them to be massive

Just read an article here today that contradicts that. I personally think the big movements will do the job given the weight goes high enough. How many power Lifters are there with small necks or forearms, or a weak grip ya know?

Just my $0.02. Carry on

Yeah but most of them are not natty and from my observations anyone that is juicy has a thick ass neck.

traps will increase the size but i need that frontal thickness.

i’d honestly love to be wrong though lol! i hate 5x50 neck curls that im doing (i dont have any way to load heavy, no harness)

I’ll do it for you, Ben. How hard can it be?

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Every single one of those goals can be done with 1 exercise. Do it lots. Do it heavy. Do it often.

Any guesses what that exercise is?

hang clean to push press?


power clean?

clean and jerk?