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How Should a Beginner Bodybuilder Bench Press?


I don’t want to burst your bubble, but once injured, always injured. Had my impingement almost 10 years back, it still comes back from time to time if I abuse my shoulder. I’m not saying for sure that it will definitely return for you, but once you slack off from taking care of it, it certainly COULD.

This. Overuse too. I’m afraid to play my sport 2 consecutive days because the chances of me feeling something in my shoulder shoots up. It’s the exact same spot and pain 10 years back even though I’ve been trying to strengthen my rotator cuff in the gym now


Thanks I forgot that one. I have 3 small scope scars on the right shoulder that backs that up.

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Make sure you do at least 100 band pull-aparts with each pressing workout. Also, get good at chin-ups. That’ll help your bench just as much as benching. You need to set your lats and drive your upper back into the bench in order to move the most weight possible for the most reps possible (which will be conducive for building the most MUSCLE possible over time). If you bench big, you’ll look good. Don’t get caught up in the minutia.

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