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How Serious are the Side Effects of Steroids?

I’m 19, 170 (and going up) and about 6’1
I’ve been researching them for sometime now and I know all the side effects but I dont know how serious they really are.

a lot of my friends take them and now I want to too since they are all passing me in results (but I am still getting pretty good results)
so are the effects like shrunken testicles and heart problems really that noticeable? has anyone on here taken steroids and what are your opinions on the side effects?

compare it to something else’s side effects if possible

Its very individualistic and very dose dependant. Sorry

You might get gyno from 300mg test/week while your friend has no problem while running 600mg/week. for example

Zraw hit the nail on the head.
It all depends on your body. And even within steroids people react different to different steroids, for example I used Deca a few years ago and suffered erectile dysfunction, yet my friend used it at the same dose and had a huge libido increase coupled with no ED.

Unfortunately you cant compare it with anything, and although many will argue with me but I believe the long-term side effects of steroid use (not abuse) are very real. After all we are using synthetic hormones at hundreds of times above natural levels.


At 19 you shouldnt even be thinking about AAS. The sides you need to worry about is being 30 and having low test and having to get on TRT for the rest of your life. Grow as much as you can naturally for a few years, you are still young. Enjoy it.

OP, listen to the above advice. AAS use is real shit. Nothing is free, and I agree with SB that there are real side effects both short and long term. Wait until you are 25, not just because you will have gained alot more naturally and thus look that much more amazing when you do use, but also because you’re 19 and you don’t know what you want/have limited life experience.