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How Scottish People Keep Fit......


without paying for the gym


So that guy was so drunk that he didn't figure out it was an escalator but not drunk enough that he couldn't walk like that without falling over for at least a minute and a half?
That takes skill.
Don't forget my mom's from Glasgow, so maybe he's in my extended family. Though most of my family there are....um, ah how do I put this?...um, gingers.


Did you know that:
Gingers have no soul.


I went to a great pub near St. Enoch's Square called The Scotia.
Here's a pic of a most beautiful beer and some chalk that I bought at the fitness store right next to it.
I may sound silly but I'm sure you know about both of those places eh Jack Urboady?


And my mom was there too.


One of my SOs is a Glaswegian and "ginger". Maybe you two are related. LOL And yeah, you know how Scots are when they get drunk. Like idiot savants. LMAO

Yes they do. I have taken great pleasure in corrupting the soul of mine... (Evil laugh)


LOL. Urban stairmaster.


What did the cop actually do? He stopped the drunk from climbing the escalator but he wasn't climbing it to begin with, coz the cop had to descend the escalator to stop the guy from not climbing it (it's not like he was going anywhere).

In other words, what do you call an escalator that carries you down (it's not an escalator anymore)?, and you can't take anybody off something they didn't ascend to begin with...existential conundrum or what?

The cop could've charged him with loitering, I suppose...


I suppose it's cheaper than buying a stepmill


Aye I know the places well. Powerhouse fitness is the nema eof the shop where you bought your chalk.

Is that your ma swigging back a pint?


I've been to Scotland, you lot get the bus from one end of the street to the other.


That's her with some rum and coke or something, yeah.

If you're ever in Castlemilk and shit has gone really really (I mean really bad) just run to Arnprior road and tell the Turners you know me.
Then shit may just get worse.