How Safe is it to Stay on 300 mg Test for 9 Months?

I’m 51 with about 6 cycles behind me. Been bodybuilding for a very long time. My cycles were pretty conservative. Test, Deca/Npp, T-Bol. Never exceeded 450 test a week or 400 npp.

For over a year, I’ve been on 125 mg test a week for TRT with a couple of 8 week “bumps” up to 250 + 100 npp. Nothing major.

Now I’m at the end of a 12 week stretch where I bumped up to 300 mg test for the last 12 weeks. Had some bloods done. Test levels were close to 1200 and my E2 was a little higher that I thought (so I added more Adex). But otherwise, lipids are great, blood pressure is perfect, and RBC is fine.

So with that, I’m toying with the idea of staying on this elevated level until September. I don’t see alot of information about this. I see plenty about people doing real cycles for a year and others doing 200 for trt … but I can’t find anything about being on the hight end of trt/low end of a cycle for this long.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance.

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My standard advice is that you may not feel as good when you drop to a lower level later on. So your mind and body may get spoiled.

You need to watch hematocrit!
Track PSA.
Try to get near E2=22pg/ml
Elevated E2 is bad for prostate, libido, fat storage, arterial health, mood and energy
Track AST/ALT, training should be light for a while before labs and no muscle soreness.

I thing that T is quite harmless as it is a natural human hormone. The other items may be harmful.

Thanks for that. I upped the adex since my e2 was a little higher than it should be. But my RBC seems fine. I hadn’t considered the mental issues because you’re right. Even though it’s not PCT Going from 300 to 125 … it’s just not the same.