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How safe is boxing?

Joined another gym today.
A boxing gym with lots of free weights. I joined for the weights, but man that ring and stuff looks so damn cool.
Would like to try a couple beginer lessons, but am worried about breaking my noose or loosing teeth.
I know they wear head gear and mouthgaurds but still.

Any advice from me?
Anybody new to boxing? Whats it like as a beginer?

Just don’t get hit and you should be all right. Seriously, when you begin boxing and box for the first time it can hurt when you get hit. It’s not ballay you know.

You have to train for shock factor. In boxing, there are 5 shock factors: head, shoulders, abs, hips and forearms. You have to train them to take a hit, and you’ll be fine. It doesn’t come overnight, but you gradually progress over time and get better. As far as getting hit as a beginner: yes, you will get hit. They will take it easy on you. You may get a few bumps and bruises, but nothing you can’t live with. Hell, my first time sparring was in mixed martial arts. I got my ass kicked in standup fighting but I did great on the ground. I came out with all my teeth and no broken bones. You’ll be fine.

I fought in the Toughman last year. It was the first time I had ever put on boxing gloves. I got hit at least a million times really, really hard in the head and face, but I came out with all my teeth and an intact nose.

As long as you’re training in a good gym where the instructor is good and looks after his students then it should be ok, safety is paramount in ring sports, even as a competitive fighter, My coach looks out for safety and will only let novices spar in the ring if he feels they are ready.

As for broken noses etc, learn to move your head and keep your chin down :wink:
But seriously, spar at your level if you feel things are getting rough, don’t let pride or anything stop you from saying “Whoa, Calm down and take it easy please”