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How Safe is A-Dex?

My doc put me on A-dex 1/2 mg 2 times a week. I already have a fatty liver and was worried about taking it because the sides say it can cause a fatty liver! I am assuming though that would apply to women taking it daily.
Lat blood work Total T was 450 (low) and E2 was 60
Prior to that total T was 1050 and E2 was 95

Are there any alternatives?

I notice the last week Im waking up at 3 am and not sleeping deeply. Im not sure if that the Estrogen, or just my diet (I started a low carb diet)

From the literature, it seems to be fairly safe. It does one thing only, as far as I can determine. Any sides come from it doing its job.

I’ve been taking it for over six months at that level, three drops of 1mg/ml once a day, and my visceral fat seems to have decreased. I understand that visceral fat is not the same thing as fat in the liver, but your Doc is monitoring that, right? Could be from all the other stuff I’ve been doing too.

Why did the doc put you on it?
I don’t know a ton about the side/long effects but it has saved me.
I stared TRT 6 months ago and 8 weeks in started to feel like hell again.
My E2 was up to 58. I’m about half your size (judging from your pic) so it probably had more of an adverse effect on me.

It sounds like he put you on a good dose. My doc prescribed 1mg a day but I took .5 EOD and it was still too much. My E2 went to 8.

Now I take .25 E4D and it seems to be about right.

Are you on TRT also?

Joey I had pellets inserted last week.
I was on Androgel, my T was was always around 50 which the doc said was normal (high range)
then it went up to 95 so he put me on the Arimidex.

I did a little googling and I read somewhere that Adex causes fatty liver inflammation so that was my concern, especially since I already had fatty liver.