How Safe are UGL Injectables?

i recently discovered that a friend has a contact that has access to UGL items and according to him hes never had an issue w quality. At first i thought the good were likely sourced from an overseas pharmacy but now i am told its made domestic. If i went the UGL route it could potentially save a good bit of money compared to what the Doc/Pharm is charging … curious what the majority here use & thoughts on purity

I’ve bought UGL made in India online and have had good success - but it’s actually an Indian pharm with reverse osmosis and shit. I might be kidding myself, but I feel pretty safe with it. and, I used it in lieu of my Pharm grade TRT and my levels came back the same.

However, I know a few guys on here that home brew. I’m sure that since they are brewing for themselves, it’s probably good gear, but if someone is home brewing for distribution, I would be leery of it, primarily with respect to sterility and safety, not dosages.

My UGL experience is with overseas manufacturers, no problems. Domestic homebrew, not so sure about.

those are my thoughts exactly … but agian i didnt want to assume that HB automatically meant contaminations

You got great ones and you have shady ones ultimately it’s up to you and research to figure out who is reputable and who is not.

I try to allways stay domestic. I’d rather buy my gear off some juice head who makes it at his house who has a great reputation and proven quality then to order it from a bunch of little Asians being paid minimum wage in some 3rd world country.

Just my opinion :man_shrugging:

Yeah, I get that, but finding a juice head is a little bit harder than finding a big Asian (India) pharm company that has good QC.

Pick your poison I guess.

It depends. If your resourceful with the interwebs its fairly easy.

There is some things I prefer to buy from actual overseas pharmacys (not ugls that’s claim “pharma grade”) but actual pharmaceutical companies and those are drugs like caber, adex, and a few others.

But I like my oils made in America! Preferably in the kitchen not a shed but if it’s a sterile shed I have no complaints.

IF the UGL follows standard brewing techniques then a sterile product is all but assured. Basically you start with raw powder then mix in benzyl benzoate as a solvent, it actually helps kill any bacteria too. At the same time you also mix in benzyl alcohol which is specifically in the brew to kill anything living, it also helps preserve the finished product. Even if they don’t use sterile filtered carrier oils as long as they filter the finished product with a 0.22 um filter that will filter out 99% of bacteria. Now viruses are smaller than bacteria but if you remember health or biology class they need a living host to survive. As long as the UGL does those steps then they will have a sterile product. They will have this sterile product even if they don’t heat the product before filtering. Really the heating is to help produce a homogeneous finished product and to help it hold once finished.

Now sterilizing the bottles can be tricky and that is probably where most UGLs get issues. As a home brewer myself I buy pre sterilized and sealed bottles, they cost more but I dont have to try and create a sterile clean room just to sterilize the bottles, septums, and tops.
Really all they need to sterilize is a steam bath which are readily available as “dish washers” they just have to make sure the steaming cycle is hot enough and long enough.

So with a little bit of knowledge and effort a sterile product can be produced by just about anyone who understands cleanliness. Weather the people in some back water town in a still developing country follow the steps is another issue altogether.