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How Risky is This Cycle?


Whats up T-Nation, Ive been reading this boards for the past 6 weeks or so and have found a wealth of information and wisdom regarding gear. But I do have a question regarding my current cycle and if it will work without to much risk.

Im currently on my fourth tour in Afghanistan fighting the fucking war on bullshit, I cant bring any gear back with me due to customs nonsense, so rather than waste it, I would like to use it.

23 Years old
5'8 @ 190lbs with 7% Body fat, (I did the caliper a few days ago)
I would have gained 10 or so more pounds but with walking nearly every night in the fucking Mountains with 110lbs worth of gear, and I also compete in MMA in the South, so the cardio from my Thai pads and rolling cuts me down as well.

This is my orignal cycle, im currently at the start of week 6, and so far the results have been outstanding.
WEEK 1-12 TEST CYP @ 500MG a week
WEEK 1-12 EQ @ 400MG a week
WEEK 14-18 NOLVA @ 30MG a day (I also have Clomid on hand in case I need to use nolva durring the cycle)

I have an extra bottle of 10ml 300mg TEST ENAN and 10 ml 300mg DECA that I cant bring back with me, is there anyway I can throw these two in the mix with this cycle and extend it by 3-4 or weeks without any major complications?

Thanks guys!


What are you using as an anti E, do you have adex?


I was unable to get my hands on any adex, the only anti E I have are the Clomid and Nolva, I know its not the safe way to play it. I planned on only using them if I felt the side effects of this cycle, and of course as a PCT at the end of it.
Would there be any way to put the enth and deca into my cycle and extend it without to many problems?


With all that activity its a better idea to learn how to get your calories in first. You read the Lonnie Lowery article this week?

And thats a messy cycle for a beginner. Just drop all the extra shit and run the test at an equal dosage spread over the 12 weeks. I wouldn't see any harm in keeping the winny, but personally, I don't like it and would us dbol instead. The PCT is also badly timed for coming off EQ. And if you can't get adex, nolva will do instead but its not the best way to do things. Just be patient and do it right.


I fully agree with both the note on kcals and on dropping all but the test.

<< EDIT: Sorry, but somehow I thought you were ABOUT to head to Afghanistan, and wanted to use it BEFORE you were shipped out. Being that you are there, I cannot say my statements below hod as true. I edited them, as well. I see you are trying to use up your gear before returning. How long do you have? Is it long enough for multiple cycles, or is this an all-or-nothing issue? >>

I STRONGLY suggest the use of an AI if at all possible, at the very least to have AI on hand in case of estrogen issues (especially because you are a beginner and do not really know what response you may have).


OP, are you Canadian or American Armed forces? I have several brothers in Canadian Armed Forces (in Afghan)and they have never encountered any problems returning with gear. Also, you brought a lot of hardware with you on this tour, was this an accident or did you get this stuff while in Afghanistan and if so, would you mind posting your results from the end of your cycle?
THX and I appreciate your service, even if it is a war on "bullshit" lol