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How Reliable is the Training at Planet Fitness?


I’m 24 yrs old, F, 117 pounds and I have no upper body strength. I can’t even do a single push-up, not even the knee push-ups and I’ve been practicing for a while but I see no progress. I can only lift 30 lbs overhead on a machine very similar to the smith machine but I need to lift 60 for a job. A personal trainer is obviously more expensive than a regular gym membership but I don’t know if I need the individualized attention or a PF fitness trainer will do since I’m quite below average when it comes to strength and I need to be able to accomplish my goal ASAP.

  1. Don’t waste your money on a PT
  2. The general opinion most people have is that Planet Fitness is trash (find a different gym)
  3. Be in a calorie surplus to gain muscle/strength (no you won’t turn into a manly chick lol). Get your macros in check.
  4. Focus on progressively overloading on compound movements.
  5. Simple as that.
  6. You can’t rush it. That will only lead to dissapointment and injury.

I cant fully agree with item 2, if PF is the gym you have available it’s on you to make it work.

Especially as OP is lifting 30 lb with pretty modest goals, I dont see how equipment or lunk alarms or whatever could be a limiting factor any time soon.

OP, can you share more detail on the type of job this is?


I am sure their are some decent trainers at Planet Fitness. With that being said one of my former clients worked at PF and said their trainers didn’t know shit. I do not think you need a trainer. Pick a program, stick with it for a while, get lots of sleep, eat lots of protein. 5x5 is one of my favorite programs for Strength. Where are you located?