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How Regularly Do You Inject Testosterone E?

Just wondering if its okay to inject Test e every other day i have been doing this as when i was injecting twice a week i got bad pip, im guessing its all good but was just thinking if the esta effected how offten i should inject. Cheers

Sure if you want to jab that often. It’s got a long half life so 2x per week is normal.

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Anyhow the half life of test E as a depot intramuscular injection is supposedly 4-7 days, that’s the concencus I’ve come to, so if you shoot 500mg of test e, 4-7 days later you’ll have 250mg left in your system, the ester releases the test over time though, so it isn’t like you’re getting all that test at once, it releases a certain amount per day if you shot 350mg of TNE at once (equiv of 500mg test E) the peak would be emormous, far higher than that of test E because all the testosterone is released instantaeously as there is no ester attatched. You can get away with shots every 3.5 days, every 7 days, eod, ed, however more frequent injections just makes shit more complicated for no reason.


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