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How Raw Foodies Eat


There's also a site out there that recommends eating 30 bananas/day.

Probably one of the most ridiculous diets I've ever heard of. 30 bananas a day???


You'd only poop by the sheer force of more bananas pushing out the ones gummed up on your insides!


They also have a retort to the book Vegetarian Myth and mention Vegan bodybuilding


A banana is slightly more than 100 calories. That's 3000-5000 calories depending on how extreme you are. Almost entirely carbs. That's freaky.

Then again, if rather than 30 bananas it was 10 steaks, I'd think it was awesome. I guess I haven't caught their brand of crazy yet.


would hit it


She can eat my banana any time


like the fist of a particularly angry god


The last after the 29 bananas.

dig dig


Their goal is to actually aim for 90 5 5 or something crazy like that; they hate on coconuts and avocados cuz they have too much fat and they rationalize feeling terrible away by saying they are purifying their bodies.


Was gonna say the same, I think she's lying, no way that girl eats 3k cals a day. Either way it's a retarded diet. I'd still slam her though. That about sums up my feelings.


Where's that T-Nation member that said he was so hungry he ate 10 apples??


Am I the only one who didn't actually hear a word of it and just kept willing the camera-man to run over and undo her cross-over?


I thought I was watching a very long intro to a "first timer porn scene" - Guess not.


It's people like this that give veganism a bad name in these circles. Seriously, myself and 99% of the other vegans/vegetarians I know have a more varied diet than anyone we know.


Holy mother of christ, could this asshole possibly be any more condescending?


Gaurenteed he drives a prius....


Yeah, his chuckle at 1:23 was punch-worthy.