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How Quickly Should You Eat Breakfast?


First thing I eat in the morning is oatmeal (1 cup) with frozen blueberries. I get up, start boiling the water, and eat it while watching TV.

Then I go take my shower. When I am finished, I start the pan and prepare my eggs while getting dressed. Then I eat my eggs (1 cup egg whites and 2 large eggs)

So I eat my eggs about 1 hour after waking up. Is this too much time wasted after an 8 hour fast? Or no big deal?






It's not the end of the world, kiddo.



I can't believe that someone actually asked this question.


This morning i ate my eggs more like 1.5 hours after waking up because i was running late for work and ate them as soon as i got into work. The problem is i find it hard to digest all at once that's why i space the oatmeal and eggs. my stomach takes a while to wake up in the morning. btw i dont have a problem with calories i eat about 4000.

anyways, do any of you drink a high glycemic or high protein drink as soon as you wake up to break the 8 hour fast?


What's YOUR food routine in the morning?


I eat my entire breakfast within 15 minutes of waking up.


WOW you guys are overthinking this. What's the reasoning behind eating immediately? If you have to get to work (like me) eat when quickly. If you're a student/unemployed, take your time. The calorie/macro count at the end of the day is what matters.


I generally eat when I'm hungry and don't force feed myself.

What I actually eat and when varies greatly based on my schedule for the day.


No! Do you think we'd be satisfied from gatorade and whey powder?


Wait what.. there's more to life than gatorade and whey powder..?!??!


Yeah, like a meal made up of an omelet with spinach, tomatoes, and feta cheese; fruit; and coffee.


I wasn't planning on dropping breakfast for a scoop of whey protein?

I was asking a side question, if it's a good idea to drink something high carb (or high protein) as soon as you wake up, before preparing breakfast.

But the omelet does sounds very good, might give it a try.

I actually wouldn't have a problem eating omelet or eggs 15mins after I wake up if I dropped the oatmeal. But with the oatmeal (full bowl of oatmeal filled to the top) I have to wait at least 30 mins if not 1 hour before I am hungry again and finally get some protein in me. Just wondering if that's too much time. If all that matters is the calorie/macro count at the end of the day like somebody suggested, then I'm good.


i actually drink a protein shake every morning, but im also cutting for a shoot. i'd much rather have actual fewd