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How Quickly Can Orals Lower HDL?

As above, how quickly can Tbol in particular lower your HDL, I’ve just got labs back and my HDL is much lower than my test a couple of months ago.

Usually it’s pretty consistent around 1.43nmol/L and now it’s 0.88nmol/L
Range is anything above >1.1nmol/L is good.

The only thing I’ve changed is I started taking 20mg Tbol per day but I was only 1 week in.

Would the Tbol lower my HDL this quickly?

Also SHBG dropped very low to 14
I know this is a common effect of steroids to lower SHBG resulting in more free T


Orals crush HDL within days, almost instantaneously. I’m in bed but tommorow I’ll find and link literature

But… they’re very effective

Thank you!
Makes sense then.
I have used orals in the past but I’ve never gotten bloods so soon in.

If you happen to find the literature it would be greatly appreciated, I’ll have a google myself also.

Any recommendations for a supplement to help counteract the HDL decrease?

Were you on test during your previous test? Test and orals drop HDL, although orals typically cause a more severe drop.

Niacin can potentially help raise HDL slightly. 1,500mg a night of flushing niacin (do not use non flushing). Fish Oil can possibly bump it a bit, but can also increase your LDL.

Have you taken niacin… it’s the pits (the flushing is pretty bad)… for some

Also, niacin is hepatotoxic, don’t combine with orals

I’m on TRT so I was on normal TRT doses during all tests 100mg per week.
No AI used.

Thanks, I may just drop the oral and up my TRT test to 250mg per week instead, as my HDL has never been effected by T alone even at higher doses.

I’ll pick some up and give it a go.
Will drop the oral too as I’d rather keep HDL high.

also generally anything below 1nmol concerning HDL isn’t good… 0.8 really isn’t that bad, but I’m not going to fault you for dropping the orals/lowering the dosage of anything

Please correct me if wrong, but isn’t the hepatotoxicity related far more strongly to the sustained / no flush niacin? Most of the studies I had read when I first started niacin treatment was about sustained release.

My liver values were never affected on flushing niacin, personally. And yes, I have taken it for the better part of 4 years. I have just stopped use now that I am on a statin.