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How Quick Does Estrogen Spike?


On TRT for 6 months. Taking 1mg Test split 2x a week, HCG 280iu EOD, and anastrozole on test days. I am switching doctors and it happened to land I wont have an anastrozole prescription for at least one full week.

Question is, should I inject without take the E blocker or just not inject at all and onky keep the HCG for that week. I also dont want to mess up my blood results as I wont have it for a week prior to drawing blood for the new doctor.


T–>E2 conversion rates are only a function of FT/Bio-T levels. So E2 production will peak on day two. However, serum E2 is a balance of production and metabolization, so peak serum E2 levels will have a delay.

With E2 increasing, the negative effects in your brain are also delayed and might be avoided. I would not stop T injections, but a lesser dose is an option.

In USA, google liquid anastrozole for a lifeboat.