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How Powerful is DIM in Suppressing Estrogen?

Let’s say if I wanted to reap the benefits of having higher testosterone by 35-50mg but couldn’t in the past due to low libido from having higher E2/low SHBG. Would DIM 600mg a day help me?

I am not a Dr. But have you looked at changing your diet. I am not making inferences that you have a shitty diet. Such foods as broccoli, sprouts, radishes, kale, brussels sprouts and cabbages all convert to I3C (indole-3-carbinol) in the body which aides to the conversion of DIM (Diindolylmethane).

Now I have read different conclusions on how DIM works and I am barely understanding it. One article states DIM in a Test blocker and not an Estrogen blocker. I understand that DIM helps the body to metabolize and rid the body of Estrogen.
I also read that DIM will block mTor that leads to the blockage of cell growth.

I think this is one of those situations where you can find supporting evidence for which narrative you are trying to support. The first article is by a Dr and the second one smells of advertisement agenda but I thought it was worth exploring. The 3rd is factual medical research study.

Ive done some research in the past on DIM and concluded that people dont know how it works. I decided during my first blast to supplement DIM and it had my E2 completely crashed for 5 or 6 weeks. I verified this through bloodwork after my wife started complaining about my lack of libido and accussing me of cheating. I took the DIM as the suggested and it was to much apparently. My workout partner took DIM and it did nothing for his elevated E2.

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I just read your response from March. Do you know what brand or the strength you were taking?

When I was with my PCP who would only give me T and my E2 hit 62 I tried everything.
Brockley, Brussel sprouts, DIM, zinc. Nothing dropped my E2 until I changed docs and got an anastrozole script. .125mgx2/wk dropped me to 27 in 4 weeks. My new doc has also been able to up my T dose and keeps my E2 in check. I can now run my Free T at the top of the range without my E2 and prolactin going wild. Been stable and happy for the last 3 years.

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That’s awesome, wish I could use an AI but i’m way too sensitive to AI’s.

Yeah I do beleive I have a pretty crappy diet at the moment, but that is because I’m trying to put on as much strength as possible. I have an insanely fast metabolism so my body loves being at 9-10% bodyfat year round. Eating clean food, I can’t humanly eat 4000 calories of clean food without throwing up tbh.