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How Possible Is 2xBW Snatch?


Do you think that 2x BW snatch is just for the genetically gifted or anyone could have it if he/she is still young and can dedicate his/her time to train a lot (with a good coach)?

Of course the possibility/probability is higher for people in lighter weight classes. My 56kg friend for example has already snatched 107kg (1.9x) and my 62kg friend, 100kg (1.6x). The last one also achieved that in just 2 years, which is pretty damn quick.

As I'm a 77kg lifter (BW 74kg) and already 27 years old, 154kg seems so far away from my current 75kg PR.... Not to mention that it would probably become a new national record (lol).


A 2x BW snatch is possible for any good ELITE weightlifter in the light classes, simple as that...

Don't shoot for a 154kg snatch man, that's freaking retarded thinking. That's like trying to aim for the Olympics before you can even win a regional meet. Just aim to improve yourself, your technique, your strength.


I'd say about 0.00001% of people have the ability to Sn 2x bw...thats an official number from the office of made up statistics.

Just aim to increase your OLifts by 10-15kg each year.

154kg would be possible for you if you trained full time for at least 3-5yrs.

There are very few people that can Sn 154kg, let alone do it at 77kg. Make short term goals to keep yourself in check

Aim for
bw CJ
bw Sn
CJ 100kg
Sn 100kg
Sn 1.5x bw
CJ 2x bw
Sn 2x bw

btw to get from 100 to 124 is HUGE for a 62kg lifter, let alone any lifter. The dude at 1.9x is a beast!

I will one day Sn 155 but I'll probably be at least 105 or maybe 94...if you think don't think you can do it you WILL NEVER DO IT.

Believe you can do it and set the goals I put above to get yourself on your way mate :slightly_smiling: