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How Open Are You?

I used to be pretty reticent about a lot of things but through overcoming certain difficulties I’ve learned to be much more open about my feelings and problems (the only three things I’m still at least quite cagey about are things to o with my sexuality, lack of experience with the opposite sex and certain details pertaining to psychotic experiences/epidodes I’ve had).

How about you?


I’m pretty open with most stuff. I cant see a reason not to be.

I mean there some things I keep close to my chest but generally no issues sharing stuff.

Used to keep everything for myself. I’m guessing because of some childhood trauma, lack of father, mother etc

Then I started working on it a few years ago and now I prefer sharing, I feel better; I’m pretty open about everything.

I am open about many things with those close to me and people who instinctively know are good people. This doesn’t mean I will tell any nice person anything though.

I’m pretty open. Figure it helps people understand why I’m a fucked up asshole.

Edit: I also am open about my anxiety and depression, more so about the anxiety though. It’s so misunderstood and sucks when people you care about don’t have a clue as to what and how it is. My girlfriend doesn’t get anxiety or depression, and it’s super frustrating some times. She tries to understand but it’s hard.

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Im only open about the things that matter with maybe 2 people.

Google something like “how to explain anxiety to people.” I had to for a class once and found some helpful things. Anxiety’s not a huge problem for me but I’ve dealt with some depression. Both things, similar to addiction or any other mental health issues, can be tough to understand if there’s no first hand or long term second hand experience.

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I’m pretty open with friends. Not with family. The latter is due to a very traditional upbringing. But then I don’t really have much to not be open about other than a ridiculous phobia of live fish.

I have to maintain my anonymity online due to my profession, among other things. But I’m still pretty open when it comes to things that have nothing to do this.

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I hate cows. Well live cows. Dead ones taste great.


I have done that. I even came up with my own analogy about anxiety being a bad dream at night. Can’t control it, feels real even if it’s so wild there’s no way it’s real, stuff like that.

I’m usually open, unless I am guarded.

but for the most part, I’m open, but it is on a case by case manner.

for the most part, that is~


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I’m open about lots of things while I also keep lots of things to myself.

I have no problems talking about my mental illness, for example, because the very vast majority of people I meet and become friends with neither care nor notice it.

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